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have not known. And here I'm just looking at your list. You've written, I think-


Oh. I forgotten on that list. I think we might talk about the Rockefellers. Because I've known Nelson, David, and Laurence quite well. They are an amazing family. One day my wife and I took our little boat and went around Manhattan. And I don't know why, I guess we passed the Rockefeller Institute first, which is on the East River, and then I began counting all the things that the Rockefellers in one way or the other were responsible for in New York City. And the next thing you came to was the U.N., of course which the old man bought and made available, John D. Junior, that is. And then you go down the river and you get there and you see the Chase Manhattan Bank, and then you remember that David was really very much responsible for reviving downtown New York which twenty years ago was considered to be absolutely dead, and now is a bustling city within a city. And of course, as you drift along you also remember that in the middle of this city is Rockefeller Center which is a pure Rockefeller creation. And now is so gigantic. And then you go up and you pass the, what is it?


The Cloisters?


The Cloisters at the tip of Manhattan and that's the Rockefellers. And then you look across at the Palisades, which have been preserved miraculously, so close to the city and yet, so beautiful and so pure. And that is the Rockefellers and so it goes.

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