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They have their own Rockefeller Brothers Fund which is the brothers' Foundation. And running Rockefeller Center and being in other-being the founder of the Tri-Lateral Commission, and probably the founder of six or seven other organizations. He sort of manages to keep his equilibrium while doing these sorts of things which is quite unusual.


What about Laurence?


Oh, Laurence is totally different. He shares with Nelson his love of ladies, but other than that he is practically the invisible Rockefeller. And his interests have been totally involved in the environment, not totally, I'm sorry, the environment and health. He's the great champion of Memorial Sloan Kettering, and has given an enormous amount of money to that. He rather brilliantly combined his interest in the environment with well chosen commercial interests. For example, Caneel Bay in the island of St. John is a hotel, it is not part of the park system, but it is on park land. And when he created it he also managed to cut out a large part of St. John as a public facility to be preserved for ever for all the people. He's done that in the Rockies, done that on another island down there. They have a marvelous place out on the Snake River. But he's a very private person. He rarely gets up and makes speeches. He does go to all the dinners, god knows. He and Mary. And he has a very curious way of talking. When you go in to see him about something or to ask a question, and before you even have a chance to ask him a question, he starts talking about something. And then as he talks a word or thought in what he's saying makes him think of

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