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man that old Henry trusted. I recall having lunch at Ford, in Detroit, and after lunch Bennett sat back on a couch, like the one you're sitting on, practically. He said, “It's too uncomfortable,” and only he pulled a gun out of his back pocket, and put it on the couch beside him. Now, for a twenty-eight, twenty-nine year old young man to be able to grab back the power and reorganize the company, and make a real success of it is, I find, absolutely amazing. The betting would have been a hundred to one against him, particularly because he'd never shown any serious inclinations of any kind. Threw himself into this job and boy, he worked at it and he's the one who knew that he had to get the best management possible. And he got in Ernie Breech to do this because he was too young himself to judge the talent. And Breech is the one, backed by Henry, who brought in the whiz kids, McNamara et al. And the whiz kids put the Ford Motor Company back on track. And to solve the problem of Bennett he hired himself a fellow by the name of Bugas who was from the FBI. And somehow or the other Bugas managed to get rid of all the bad elements. And the Ford Motor Company started to prosper and prospered until some years ago when the whole automobile industry got clobbered by the Japs. But they've come back again. As a person, though, Henry is uncouth, vulgar-


In what way? Like what?


He uses faul language. He looks sort of slightly revolting. Now, of course, he's aged considerably, but the life he has lead, which was a fairly dissipated life with an enormous amount

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