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turned out to be one of the finest circulation directors ever. I think those were the principals around him.

I think his sister had a lot of influence on him. I don't remember whether--I don't think his first wife had much influence if any. She was a girl from Cleveland, and they were married in the mid-1920s and sort of floated apart in the early 1930s. Then, of course, came Claire, who had a considerable influence on him, Claire Boothe Luce.


Why don't you describe that.


By just going back a little bit--what had most influence on him, I think, though obviously I didn't know him in those days, so this is more what I picked up: his father, religion, China, strangely enough, not Yale--I don't think--more Hotchkiss, yes. He went to Hotchkiss, courtesy, and Yale, I think with the help of Jim Linen's father, who was from that dreadful place in Pennsylvania--




Scranton. [laughs] I've never been there so I can say it with authority. But it always strikes me when I read about Scranton that--seems to me that the coal tunnels underneath it are collapsing, and gases are coming out, and so on.

But, quite clearly, those were the original influences on him. And I would say that they continued to be that right to his last years. That's why so many of the conflicts that we've discussed

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