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What did you think of the press coverage of his death? Wasn't there a Newsweek cover on him, actually?


I haven't the faintest recollection. I don't even remembe what we said. [laughs]


Wasn't there a break in--was that the first time a dead man was on the cover of Time? Or had--no, Kennedy had been put on Time. Cover of Time.

When you just think of Henry Luce, any little incident comes to mind? Things you experienced with him, dinner with him, traveling with him--anything at all? Any little stories, vignettes?


One day, when he had a house up in Porchester--right next to the Westchester airport--nice big house, I was up there. We were playing tennis. I was playing with Clare against Harry and Sam Meek. I'm not a very good tennis player. I was serving. Clare was at the net. I'm not a good tennis player, but my serve is very strong. Three times in succession I hit her in the ass. [laughters] And it's difficult for her to believe that I wasn't doing it on purpose. She didn't know how bad a tennis player I was.

Oh, I remember sitting out there on the balcony of that building right down the end of 52nd Street--

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