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the apartment.


What other memories do you bring back of him? What were his soft spots?


Oh, you know. He loved going to the political conventions. And he'd be slouching around there with the hat on the back of his head, and be sitting there and talking with our people, talking with the politicians, talking with--this was his idea of sheer heaven. I think he around at the political conventions. There--I think earlier I said he had no chit-chat--but when he was at that kind of a milieu, it was all chit-chat. That was life for him--everything going on around him. And anything anybody said about anything was interesting, and it didn't have to be profound. He enjoyed the political atmosphere.

I only went on one or two news tours with him. News tours were--somebody invented a marvelous promotional idea. We would invite thirty CEO's, charter a plane, and then have our bureaus organize things so that in twelve to fourteen days we would practically go around the world, meet the Shah and every other personality there was to meet, see some strange and marvelous sight. And it was so well organized that we were able to cover an incredible amount of stuff.

I remember one morning, having breakfast with the Tung Koo in Kualalumpur, the capital of Malaysia, having lunch with the head man in Singapore, and having dinner with a whole bunch of Indonesian politicians in Jakarta. Well, if you can imagine moving fifty people

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