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Session #10
Interviewee: Frank Stanton
Interviewer: Mary Marshall Clark
New York City
Date: December 15, 1992


This is Mary Marshall Clark. I am interviewing Dr. Frank Stanton for the Columbia Oral History Research Office. This is Session #10. Today's date is December 15, 1992. We are in Dr. Stanton's office in New York City.

Okay. I wanted to follow up a little from last time. You mentioned, in telling the really, really interesting story about Leonard Reinsch at the Ambassador Hotel and him contacting you about Vice President [Harry S.] Truman wanting to meet with you, you mentioned, off- hand, that he was afraid of wire tapping. And, you mentioned off-hand that you figured that pretty much, at your home and your office, you assumed that, often, you might be tapped. This was an assumption that you made, and I was just wondering why you would assume something like that.


Well, I would think anybody in the news business would be watched by somebody. There were some conversations that I had between San Francisco and New York, when I was in San Francisco, in connection with a RAND meeting, that leaked to somebody and the only way it could have leaked was somebody had overheard the conversation.


When was this, then?


Oh, this was in the fifties sometime. Part of it had to do with Bob [Robert S.]

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