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somebody who knew her and knew me suggested it might be a friendly thing, as a psychologist, to go see her.) But, I went because I was on the advisory board of the school. She called and asked me if I would come and have lunch with her yesterday. After the pleasantries were over, we talked about the flood and all the damage, etc., I said: “Why am I here, what do you want?” She said: “Well, I've got to raise money, and I don't want money from you,” although she would be glad to have it. But, she said: “I need to know people, and I don't know where I can get people who would be interested in higher education who have enough money to really give a contribution, and really have some sense of citizenship. I need somebody who knows somebody, can you give me some names?” Same thing that happens when they're looking for people in government. They don't have all the names.

So, it happens. All I'm saying is this isn't something that just happens on the presidential level, it happens to a person who's running, I think, a damn good school, but who doesn't know this community and doesn't know where the money is. She didn't know -- Well, she knew a little bit -- I said, “There are a lot of kids who have made enormous fortunes in Wall Street in the eighties. You ought to grab some of those and get some money from them, because they certainly owe something back to society.” She said, “Can you help me identify them?” I said no, because that's not my generation. “I don't know who they are, but I can tell you some people who can,” and I gave her some names of some people. So, it's that kind of networking you get into when you're in a job such as I had, whether it's government or whether it's business.


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