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going broadside. She can't possibly handle -- and it's not that she can't; she can't organize to handle it. And the President is showing the same kind of inexperienced hand at administration.

To the best of my knowledge, from the ones I've met down there -- and she came with people from the White House staff. They're arrogant, smart-ass, smart and think they can do it; whereas they ignore the fact that [President James Earl] Carter came in the same way and, you know, came a cropper. One example. In a meeting not associated with the Business Council, but in a very close-in -- well, there were seven of us in the room, so it was a very small group. This had to do with Harvard and the School of Public Health.

We had a man come to visit us to tell us about the health program, because they were trying to get help wherever they can get it. This man was very effective in his presentation, but again smart, arrogant and inexperienced politically. And was going to do all the things -- he was reflecting -- it came clear to me when I heard Mrs. Clinton, he was reflecting her attitude, in the sense “we're going to do everything.”

So I said to this young man, “Why is it that you've rulebooked the American Medical Association and kept them away from these meetings? You've got 300 people; you ought to be able to accommodate somebody from the AMA.”

“No,” he said. “We've done polling, and we found out that the American people hate the doctors--

Q [laughs]:

Oh, no! Not true.

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