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top-flight news people, and I didn't think we had to go outside to get Time magazine manpower into it.


It's interesting. I'm just listening to the complexity of the relationships with Paley and Schneider. In the end, who really--did you--I mean, I know what happened as a result, but did you really have the power to make that decision? Did Schneider really have the power to make that decision? Who made the final decision about Salant?


About Salant?


Yes. Given that Paley was-- [Crosstalk]


Well, how do you separate all those crosscurrents? I guess I had it. I don't say “I guess”; I had it. There's no question about that. And if Paley had said that I had misused my power, then he'd have to get another boy. He couldn't run off to Europe and run off to all parts of the world a large part of the time on social things and then second-guess. Somebody had to run the store.

I had delegated that to Schneider, and Schneider, in effect, was exercising it, but sensitive to the fact that he was taking somebody away from me and also that he knew the history-- that Dick had been in the job and didn't please Paley. And Schneider, no fool, thought that he wanted my support and blessing on it. I gave it to him and that was that.

It's a nice line, when you're operating as close to each other as Paley and I were, as to how much one defers to the other. There were times when he did things that I wouldn't have

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