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started in England, and I believe there will be other places in Europe where it will break out.

Cable is on everybody's lips today, because of these deals that are being made. But it's a long way from those deals being announced and those deals being consummated, and 500 channels won't be 500 channels in the sense that there will be 500 different program services. There'll be 500 services, of which a large part of them will be devoted to furnishing repeats of films that are in the vaults out in Hollywood.

The reason that I'm looking at this book here is that it's got a diagram in it. This is some of the supporting information that was developed in connection with--


We'll attach a copy or some likeness of this, if that's okay, to the oral history, so that people will know what we're talking about right now.

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The pay-per-view business in the entire United States in 1992 is four-tenths of a billion. In 1997 it's projected to be 3.1 billion, and in--let's back off. (Pause)

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If we're talking about 500 channels--and I think I said a minute ago these would not all be used for different programs, but these would be largely used for other services that could go into the home over the cable. Basic cable--meaning what we have today plus some few new things, but things like C-Span and sports channels and things of that kind [that] would be

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