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You've alluded to it, but actually it was going to be one of my follow-up questions today, because last time you mentioned you were in Utah once a month. I thought to myself, when I got home, “Why were you in Utah once a month?” [Laughs]


I first became acquainted with the Mormons--

[Telephone Interruption]

When I came into my job as president of CBS, I was familiar with the performance of our major affiliates. There was one in Salt Lake City that was owned by the Mormon Church-- KSL--a very powerful station that covered that strip of the continent from Montana down to the Mexican border. It was what was called a clear-channel station, and it was a high- powered clear-channel station. So it was an important link in our operation. But it was in the mountain states, and nobody ever stopped to say “hello” to them. They got paid and they got the programs and so forth.

I got, I guess, a little nervous about the fact that the records showed that nobody had been out there from CBS headquarters to say “ hello” to them. So on one of my trips to the Coast I arranged my travel--and this goes back to the days when a lot of the travel was by train--so that I stopped off in Salt Lake City. Or in Ogden, I think, is where I stopped. But near Salt Lake. And I called on the elders in the church.

Well, they were almost swept away by the fact that anybody came out to see them. They weren't unhappy, because they were getting a good income from us, but I guess no one wants

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