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and they would make money on it and we would make money on it, too. So both of us benefited.

Well, they did very, very well. They've made a lot of money out of those records. And from time to time I saw them. The relationship bloomed to the point where in 1956--I remember the year, because I had just moved. Ruth and I had just moved into a house, and one of the members of the church came to see me and said that they had wanted me to consider moving to Idaho, which is a part of their empire, becoming president of the University of Idaho and, in two years, running for the Senate from Idaho.

It was a flattering invitation, but obviously it wasn't the way I wanted to get into the Senate-- because you would owe your life to the church. And I wasn't sure that they wouldn't even insist on you joining the church--although nothing like that was talked about.

They had even taken an option on a ranch that was all set for me to acquire, so that I would establish residence and go on into the university and use the university as an excuse--not as an excuse, but in connection with the university travel the state, so that when I ran in two years, at least my name would be familiar. They had it all plotted out.

I knew that they had six votes in the Senate. I think I'm right. They had Idaho, obviously Utah and, I believe, Wyoming. And the reason I knew that was because when I needed help in Congress, I was encouraged by the church to let them know, so they could help me. And, generally, I got six solid Senate votes, and I know that I got them strictly because the church said: “This is what we want you to do.” That's the way the control operated.

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