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I could see myself on the other end of that. Oh, no. This wasn't anything that appealed to me. But it was a measure of the relationship and how it had developed. So when I went out when AEA acquired, or became interested, in Broadcast International--and it wasn't called that then. When they became interested in it, I indicated that I knew something about that area, and I used my friends out there to give me a rundown on the people that were in Broadcast International. They were into the [Mormon] Church clear up to here, so there was no problem in getting information.

Then I became chairman of the board of that operation. I guess I served as chairman maybe for four or five years. But that's how I got hooked into that. And it's a wonderful group. Very much an inside operation, because I don't believe anybody in Broadcast International of any importance is not closely identified with the Mormon church.

On several occasions I've met with one or more of the presidents. They have, what, seven presidents? It's a strange hierarchy. One or two of them had some prior connection with Broadcast International before we bought it. And we bought some things from the church. They had a satellite operation that we acquired from the church. So there was a reason for my interest in the acquisition. And, of course, the fact that I knew some of the people in the hierarchy of the church meant that I could get a pretty honest reading on the operation.


And exactly what was it? It was the technology to pipe music into stores? What did Broadcast International do?


What they do! They broadcast what we talk about as “in-store commercials.” If you go into a supermarket, there's music being played and every so often there will be a

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