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educational institutions and banks.


Sure. Because these universities--Harvard and others--have enormous funds that they've got to invest. Some they invest on a very low interest-paying investments--very conservative--but then they do look for opportunities to take a flyer now and then. Harvard was in. MIT was in. I don't know whether Dartmouth was in or not.


Yale, I think.


Yale. And that again is there are AEA members that are on the Yale Corporation, you see. So.

Once you get to the pinnacle in a corporate society, there's a lot of cross-fertilization and conversation, and if you're on the finance committee of a university board and some of the investments aren't going well and you know something about other opportunities, you can help the university by advising. That's what the Tom Murphys and the Larry [Lawrence] Tischs of this world do.

I haven't done that, because that hasn't been anything that I have had any skill or experience with, but there are several in the AEA family who have been very helpful.


We've been talking--go ahead.


Well, this is repetitious, but if you've given your life to working in a company like General Electric, and you retire as a CEO, you have so many tremendous contacts, you have

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