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hung up.

I thought nothing more about it until some months later Winnie [Williams] called me and said there was somebody on the phone from Harvard who wants some biographical information about you. I said: “I'm sure there's a mistake about it, but I'll take the call.” I spoke to the person. It was a young male, and he said he was charged with the job of writing a little biographical sketch for the nominating paper that went out for people to run for overseer. I quickly told him that I hadn't gone to Harvard and therefore wasn't qualified to stand for election. He very politely said, “Well, I get paid whether you run or not, and can you give me the information?” So I said I'd send him some material. I believe the next information I had on this--although a couple of friends of mine did say that they had seen my name on the list of candidates, none of which I had seen.

I was in a shoe store, I guess more properly a shop, in London, I had left my shoes there for repair the previous month. At that time I was going to London once a month for a board meeting, and I usually stayed two or three days to go to the theater or to museums. I had told my wife we'd pick up the shoes before we did anything else. I left her in the car, went in to pick up the shoes and the man in the shoe store said could he help me. I said: “Yes, I have a card saying my shoes are finished, are ready to be picked up.” “Oh,” he said, “don't bother with the card. Just give me your name.” I gave him my name, and there was one other person in the shop who was trying on some boots, and he had one boot on and one boot off, and when he heard my name he got up and walked over and he said: “Congratulations.” I knew he was a Yank because of his manner and his voice, and I said: “For what?” And he said: “Well, weren't you at commencement yesterday?” I said: “What commencement?” He said: “At Harvard.” I said: “No, I was here in London. Why?” He said: “Well, they

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