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Interviewee: Frank Stanton
Session #17
Interviewer: Mary Marshall Clark
New York, New York
April 2, 1996


Today we're going to talk about your wife. We've mentioned her from time to time in the oral history, but we're going to give her full attention today, and I'd like to start with a very old-fashioned question: Tell me about how you met, and what you did together when you were falling in love.


I'm not sure I can give you a very accurate report about when we met. It had to have been between the ages of twelve and fourteen.


We should mention her name again, for the record.


Yes. Her full name was Sarah Ruth Stephenson. We met, I believe, at the Raper ME Church in Dayton, Ohio, sometime between our ages of twelve and fourteen. I had my first date with her, I believe, when I was fourteen, but it's possible it was at age twelve, I'm not sure. We went to a movie on New Year's Day, and I think it was an afternoon picture down in the center of Dayton. I've forgotten the name of the picture but it was a holiday and it was in the afternoon. I went to her house on a streetcar, and we went downtown on the streetcar, went to the movie and came back on the streetcar, and I went home. I believe that I was fourteen, although I could check that. I was either twelve or fourteen.

We weren't in the same school. We weren't in the same school district in Dayton. She went

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