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to a middle school by the name of Stivers. It was then called Stivers High School. It was in the eastern part of the city, and I went to a school in the mid-section or midtown area of the city. Throughout high school we were in separate schools. I saw her, generally, on Sunday, at church, and as we grew up I saw her from time to time socially. She went, then, from there to school in Miami, which is now Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I went to Ohio Wesleyan, which was in a different part of the state, and we saw each other whenever we had time in our schedules to see each other.

When I graduated I taught school in Dayton for a year, and during that period I saw a lot of her. Then I went to graduate school and she was involved in local activities in Dayton. She was a member of the Stewart [sp?] Wright Repertory Theatre Company that played in Cincinnati, Dayton and, I believe, Lima, Ohio. I think there was a Stewart Wright Players, but I'm not sure. It was during that period, the year after I finished under graduate school, it was during that year that we decided we would get married. The following year, which was, I guess, '31, at the very bottom of the Depression, I was accepted as a graduate instructor at Ohio State University, a job for which I didn't apply but which was offered when the university found I was interested in graduate study. I enrolled in the fall of '31, and we were married on New Year's Eve in 1931. She obviously moved to Columbus, where I was in school, and that was the beginning of the marriage.


Can I ask you a couple of questions? More particular questions. You've described her in other places as a very remarkable woman. Can you kind of recreate in your mind what initially attracted you to her? What stood out about her that made you want to go out with her and know her?

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