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Austrian woman. She had a classmate of mine at Ohio Wesleyan, who was very close to her, Mildred Moyer. She had the wife of a mutual friend, Peg Ackerman. I would guess she would count, certainly as a friend but not terribly close, but closer than perhaps I realized-- Lillian Nassau was one of those.


There were a couple wives of some of my senior associates at CBS that she was very friendly with. Then, in retirement, we came to know couples she was very friendly with, but more in the Aspen circuit than in any other. In fact, I think she had more--If you take friends just generally speaking, not terribly close friends, but people you would count as friends, she had many more outside New York than she did in New York. We traveled in Europe with a couple she was very friendly with, both the husband and the wife. We were very friendly.


Who was that?


Howard and Ann Morgens. They were from Cincinnati. In fact, at one time the four of us were going to go property on the Big Sur peninsula out there in California, and build some kind of a place, sort of a compound, together. When we had to go to some design conference meetings in Italy, I guess, ten or twelve years ago, the wife of the man who started the Aspen development called Ruth one day and said she was going to go to the same meeting we were. By this time the woman was a widow, and she said could she go with us, because she loved Ruth so much. So there were people like that. I think through my various activities we were thrown into contact with people more out of New York than in New York.

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