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broadcast, and the program had no more than ended than I got a call from the newsroom saying the Pentagon was demanding all the material on that broadcast. Ruth spotted it, knew it was trouble and was prepared--When I was going through the very difficult period--it was a very trying period. She was with me just one-hundred ten percent all the time. So when Cory Dunham said, “Where did these guts come from?” I said they came from her. Cory something--I don't know his official, full name, but he was called Cory. He's trying to write a book about that period of the ethical problems in broadcasting. That's what prompted him to ask me, “Where did this come from?”

Well, that's an exaggeration, because I expect some of it came from my mother--not that my father wouldn't have been supportive but I didn't see my father, because he was always out. I expect some of it came from some of my associates, who were men of high principle. But when push came to shove and there was a tough stand, I frequently took the stand independently, but with Ruth very much in the shadow. Believe me, they were talked out very thoroughly with her.

So when I said I would go right through to the bitter end and go to jail on the selling of the Pentagon, if necessary, she knew that I was taking that position and it wasn't one I took without talking with her about it. I had no question about her support at all. When I resigned from Phi Delta Theta over a racial issue, I told her about it and she encouraged me to do it and to take as much as that period of my life--and it was a superficial period in terms of--A fraternity isn't that important, or as it turned out. I didn't think it was. But at the time it was something you did. But she was right with me on that. I resigned, and that was that. I had to part company with some people at CBS under very tough conditions, and a lot of that I shared with her. I don't know whether I would have changed my position if there

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