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know whether you know the trade business today but Advertising Age which is probably the dominant advertising journal or paper -- in the period I'm talking about the magazine Advertising and Selling was the Advertising Age of that particular period. So there wasn't a lot being written about it. Broadcasting magazine started around that time. It was expensive. I didn't subscribe to it but I did get it from time to time from a newsstand that-- All I had to do to get a credit on a return was to tear off the first page and return that or the cover sheet, and they got credit for having returned the magazine. And I had a deal with the guy that ran that one that when there were any copies of advertising journals left over, whether it was Advertising and Selling or whether it was Broadcasting, you know, would he give them to me. So that's how I kept up with that during that year.

Then I wrote to everybody I could find listed that gave scholarships or anything else in psychology. And got a telegram from the dean of the -- I was going to say the graduate school and it wasn't dean of the grad school — dean of the College of Education at Ohio State University -- offering me a teaching assistantship in psychology. And the wire said “Stipend - - $750.” And I didn't see how in the world I was going to live on and get married on $750.

So I was brash enough to call the dean and say, “I'd like to come to see you.” And he said, “What about?” And I said, “Well, I have your wire which I received yesterday. And I'd like to come find out a little bit about it.” “Well, what questions do you have?” And I said, “Well, for one thing I don't know whether I can make it on $750.” And he gave me quite a lecture on the phone and said, “Well, look, there are dozens of other people who would like this job. So make up your mind. Don't bother to come see me.” And I said, “Well, I'm just an hour or so away from you and I could be there.” So he reluctantly allowed me to come. And he knew my record because he had to pass on the appointment. I think they appointed two teaching

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