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'34, '33, someplace along there. I didn't have any money to come to New York. I had a car and I damn well wanted to bring Ruth with me because she had never been to New York. I had come over from time to time when I was an undergraduate and -- Because I always wanted to live here, work here anyway.

So here we had the invitation to come. Nothing about money. And so I figured that they would pay my expenses. But I wasn't sure. We had enough money to come over, to drive over, and I brought Ruth with me. She had to buy a new pair of shoes, as I recall, before we left.

But we came over and stayed at the hotel down on Thirty-fourth, I guess, and Seventh -- what is it -- the New Yorker Hotel down there? It probably doesn't have that name now.


I don't know it.


It was down in that area in the garment district. Why did I stay there? Because it was convenient to the Holland Tunnel, and because it was a new hotel, and had done a lot of advertising in The New Yorker which I had learned to read. And so I thought that was a place where we ought to stay--off the track. But when I had my first meeting with CBS, one of the men said, “Oh, be sure to give us your expenses--”

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