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that I went to an entirely different school. But we were close to each other as kids. And she went off to school in Oxford, Ohio. And I went to Delaware. And of course we saw each other from time to time, not frequently. Because I was working at Delaware as well. But I suppose her proximity was as influential, or more so probably, than Don's going to Ohio Wesleyan. But he was the one who led me to Ohio Wesleyan.

I could easily have gone to Miami University where Ruth was enrolled. I had no respect for Miami University and didn't really see much -- The people I knew who had gone there didn't impress me. My mother certainly didn't guide me away from Ohio Wesleyan. It was in those days, still I guess having some or receiving some support from the Methodist church. Which obviously pleased my mother because she believed in Methodism.


She was a very strong Methodist, right?


She was very --


Very --


My father, I think, would've been satisfied if I'd have gone to Northwestern or Chicago -- or anyplace. There wasn't any strong talk about it.

My parents -- my mother had gone to a normal school and had taught I guess in the Dayton school system in the very early part of her married life. But she had not gone to university. She had gone to the local normal school. And I don't believe either of my parents ever saw Ohio Wesleyan, or set foot in Delaware until probably my sophomore year or so. I was, again,

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