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To build twelve stations, operate them as a national news service around the clock, with no entertainment programming as we knew it on the regular network, and no local programming except at certain periods there would be local news in the schedule.

These twelve stations were not to be in place of the five that we were allowed to have in VHF. But I felt that that would --



I wouldn't want the record to indicate that this was just a great gesture on the part of CBS. There was something in it for us. If the thing had gone, we would have had the beginnings of something that I thought might be more important to us than our regular service. And Minnow was captivated by the idea because his neck was way out, he was pushing UHF, and here was somebody who was going to do a dramatic thing and start twelve stations. And I was going to take all the markets -- the top twelve markets -- and organize a national news service that would do nothing but that. He felt it out with some of the other commissioners and they said they didn't think it would fly. So I never showed my hand publicly on this. Probably what I did was improper or unethical, even talking with Minnow about it privately. But it was the kind of thing that was in the public interest if we'd been able to -- we'd have had to go through a hearing. And I'm sure if we had offered to do it, NBC would have offered the same thing, or somebody else would have offered the same thing, and there would have been competition -- not bad but -- I wasn't too worried about that, we had a

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