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I could not -- I went to the Coast, I offered The Chronicle in San Francisco I think twenty- eight million to sell us its television station.


That was a big sum.


That's not correct. I offered The Chronicle, the family, twenty-eight million dollars for their part of the newspaper, and the newspaper in turn owned the television station. The Chronicle was being printed, together with the Hearst newspaper in San Francisco, on one of these dual newspaper ownership arrangements. And I made it clear that if I acquired the property I was after, I would sell The Chronicle to the Hearst group. That didn't sit well with The Chronicle owners even though they knew that if I offered twenty-eight million, I could have gone to -- In my own mind I was willing to go to thirty-five million. That door was closed.

There was a station in San Jose that was on, I believe, Channel 10 that was dying on the vine because there wasn't enough coverage in the area to justify a network affiliation and there wasn't enough business to operate it as a local station -- and I've forgotten who owned it but it was somebody who had no business experience in broadcasting. I went down on two or three trips and tried to acquire that station with the idea of moving it up the peninsula into San Francisco. Struck out. I tried to buy Channel two in Oakland and move that into San Francisco and I couldn't make that work. I'm sure that I'm dropping out a lot of other things, crazy things, ideas I had for getting our full five compliment of stations. ABC had them.


From? ABC had them early on, much earlier on.

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