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white, because that seemed to me to indicate a difference. This was news and the other was entertainment. Perhaps it didn't make any sense, but I was reaching for something to set news apart from entertainment. True, the world we live in is a color world, and black and white is artificial. But newsreels and things of that kind in the theaters, to the extent that they were still being played, were always in black and white and the entertainment was the color side.


Did you have any success with your idea?


No. No one -- the news people thought it was nuts and it probably didn't make any sense.

There is a problem -- and remains even more so today -- of distinguishing between the real world and the world of make believe. And we have had on the evening news, both on NBC and CBS, I don't know about ABC, re-enactment of situations in the evening news, which I think is a mistake. But to the extent that that develops as a technique in the portrayal or the delivery of news, I think the public is going to be more confused about what's real and what isn't real. And indeed --


So that's, again, a mixing of news and entertainment or drama in --


That's right. There is a sliding or a movement in the direction of entertainment in the news anyway, both in terms of the graphics, and the style of presentation. Now, if you start re-enacting the news, I think it could be very dangerous. But Hollywood is more and more into the news area. And a lot of producers out there feel that the networks are too

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