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period last beyond the fall of McCarthy, in a sense?


No, no.


It was over?


Well, I still get -- to this day, and I've been out of the job now for what? Seventeen, eighteen years. I still get mail criticizing us for our Communist leanings. So you're never free of it. It's just an interesting and sad commentary on mankind, that's all. But you have, in the case of Accuracy in Media, the fringes of this kind of attack. When I was cited for contempt of Congress, there was a delegation of AIM in the audience, right sitting behind me, hissing and so forth. Not a very friendly or neutral atmosphere.

And I think we could easily have some kind of a resurgence of the McCarthy thing in connection with minority problems. It probably wouldn't come on a national scene, but it could come on a regional basis. And I don't know what form it will take. But we had a lot of trouble with the minority question even in the early days of television. There were affiliates, for example, who wouldn't carry --



Are we on?


Yes, we're on.

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