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But that was after “See It Now” was done.


After “See It Now” was dissolved, really, because it lost its sponsorship and it was not holding up in terms of its audience and we converted it into a monthly broadcast and then Ed took his sabbatical and I started “CBS Reports”.

“CBS Reports” was on the drawing board for the better part of a year before it actually came on the air. I had a man at that time in the organization in the news area-- Excuse me.





The man in charge of documentaries and special projects in News was a man by the name of Irv [Irving] Gitlin, a very good man. And I had the idea that we would start a weekly hour devoted to different topics, a documentary, but it would be a regular feature and have an umbrella name. It would be “CBS Reports” and then, as a subtitle, what that particular broadcast was to be.

The concept that I had was that we would do it once a month the first year, every other week the second year and then go weekly the third year. Because to put together a news organization to turn out a documentary once a month is a very heavy burden and you can do it all at once, but I didn't think that the product would be worthy of the air time if we did it that way. And I knew it was going to be horrendously wasteful because you would have a lot

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