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At any rate, I'm way off the track. The idea was put forth by Barney Berelson, one of Paul's students, who later became dean of the Library School at Chicago. Barney was a very bright young student of Paul's, took his doctorate, I think, at Columbia. And Paul had indoctrinated him to the same idea of having some kind of center where bright promising people could come from the social sciences and spend the better part of a year, whether it was an academic year or calendar year was immaterial. Paul did his indoctrination before Barney went to Chicago, and I guess they stayed in touch with each other. Certainly I saw him from time to time. Then Berelson was hired by Rowan Gaither, who was then the head of the Ford Foundation, and carried the infection into the Ford group, and with some persistence developed a budget and plan for what became the Center for Advanced Study.

I, in the meantime, had grown away from Paul and his activities. We saw each other frequently -- I don't mean we were separated. It was just that I had expanding responsibilities at CBS and the excitement of television, and a thousand other things, and this wasn't something that I was any longer responsible for because by this time Paul had made the transition from Princeton to Newark to Columbia.

One day, Rowan Gaither who was a friend of mine -- our association had a number of different roots that I need not go into, except that Rowan and I knew each other -- and then he just simply called one morning and said he'd like to come over and talk with me a little bit. His office at that time was in the building adjacent to mine. And I said, “Sure. Why don't you come over for lunch.” And I cleared my calendar so I could have lunch with him. I think I cleared my calendar by walking out on a lunch and letting somebody else take it over, because I had to borrow a dining room in the building to have lunch with Rowan. He came in

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