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at that time. I'm not sure but I think he was. Anyway, I had my own problems because that was right in the middle of “The Selling of the Pentagon.” I think I might have said to you earlier that I thought that the fact that the Post and the Times were in trouble with the Congress over the publication -- I thought that that would spill over on my case, having to do with “The Selling of the Pentagon” in a way that reflected the different attitudes in Congress about print media as against broadcast journalism.


Right. For the sake of the listeners again could you just explain a little about what that case was all about?


“The Selling of the Pentagon?” Well, it was a documentary that was done by CBS News on the practices of the Pentagon on trying to put a good face on what the military was all about, and on trying to get support for the military, and enlisting the interest of young potential members of the Armed Forces. It was a one-hour broadcast that I didn't hear when it was broadcast live, or when it was broadcast initially. I think it was on from ten to eleven and I was involved in something that particular evening. But I arrived home about quarter of eleven, and went upstairs to where my wife was working, and she said, as I walked into the room, “You'd better stop talking and listen to this program, because I think it's going to have repercussions that will occupy a good part of your time.” So I didn't spend any time apologizing for getting home for dinner at quarter to eleven and listened to the rest of the program. I called the head of News after the broadcast to see if there was any -- what the background was on it, because I didn't know that the program was going to be broadcast on that particular evening. I was told about it. The first thing the next day, got a tape and looked at it. There were things, second-guessing, that I would have perhaps asked questions about if I had screened it in advance. It wasn't my practice to do that, so that I had nothing to

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