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complain about. It was just that there were things that I thought might have been followed up in terms of questions that weren't necessarily answered by the correspondent.



All right. Well, we were talking about “The Selling of the Pentagon” and the consequences that forced --


Well, the morning after -- I think that's probably where I was --




The morning after, the Pentagon called our bureau in Washington and wanted to see all of the tape that hadn't been included in the program. This shouldn't be taken as the final answer on what happened that morning because there have been long articles and maybe even books written about what happened. My recollection is that the first request came from the Pentagon, to see the tape, all the tape, and that sent a signal up the wire to my office that there was trouble about it. And of course there wasn't any question about what we would do with the request. I simply said, “Send them a tape of what we broadcast.” Now, whether that request came first from the Pentagon or from Congress, my recollection isn't that clear, but, a request came for all the tape and I suggested immediately getting the tape of the actual broadcast to the person who requested it. And an angry call came back later, saying -- and this I think was from the Hill -- saying, the staff member saying, “Well,

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