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questions from the press at all. I would have a moderator say, “Tonight the candidates have agreed to discuss the health problem.” And as people have said to me -- How do you keep them on the subject? Well, I think that if they agreed that they were going to talk about health, that these are men in their position who weren't going to be playing games with the public and start doing other things. The question about whether the one would take advantage of the other in terms of time -- when you become candidates for President of the United States, you don't misbehave in front of, you know, forty million people. Now, maybe I'm wrong about that. But I think you'd get much more out of it. I think even the journalists want to perform on camera and show how smart they are in the way they ask their question and so forth. There's never any follow-up question. There can be a follow-up but if you have four questioners you can't take over the time. But if you had the two candidates they could talk back and forth. I think you could learn a lot about what they stand for and their temperaments and so forth. But I don't see that happening either.


Speaking of a follow-up question, we should probably begin to close for today, but I'm very interested in that remark you made earlier when you were talking about your fight with Jack Kennedy, and you were defending your right to do the poll in Wisconsin, to do the analysis based on First Amendment rights, and you said it never went to the Supreme Court, but then again you never wanted to go to the Supreme Court, for another reason. What was that other reason?


I was always afraid that the issue might not be an issue that was clear cut on the side of a free press. I was also afraid of the make up of the Court. And as long as there was a grey area and I could say I'm the same thing as print, because the founding fathers didn't know anything about electronics or they would have included radio news and television news,

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