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and said, “Mr. President, I can't keep the press waiting any longer. They're just about to come in on you.” He said, “Okay, you can have them come in in just a minute.” And then it dawned on me that, as head of a network, I shouldn't be sitting back with the President.

So, I said very quickly to the President, “Look. I shouldn't be back here.” He said, “Why not? You're my friend, you're working with me, etc.” I said, “No, I think it might give the wrong impression.” Because the print media hated our guts at that time. There was strong bitterness.


Was there anyone from the print media there?


In that room? No. They were all politicians (in the best sense of the word), and Leonard. I guess I was the only other one--In fact, Leonard and I were the only two outsiders.

So, I said, “I think I ought to be on the other side of the desk.” I got up and scooted around the desk, just as the crowd was coming in. There is the picture the Associated Press ran of the first press conference, in which the press is shown crowding around the President's desk. I'm being squeezed, my head is practically on the table, because it was such a pressing --

Anyway, that's how I got close to Truman, and we saw a lot of each other. And I don't know now where I was with your question.


I had just asked you to talk about the campaign and the election, so it's a perfect

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