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people there -- Dewey, his wife, Lowell Thomas and his wife, Frank Smith and his wife, and the secret service, etc.

We sat around on the lawn, after dark, drinking. Not heavy drinks, just summer drinks, and Dewey laid out -- And I was embarrassed being there, because he was talking about the people he wanted for his Cabinet. He wanted to get attitudes from his friends about various appointments. He cross examined me on -- He was still a prosecuting attorney, and he wanted to know this and he wanted to know that. Along about 9:30 (and it was a good hour to an hour and a half to drive back from Pawling, and I was a little uncomfortable in the environment), I thought he thought I was a staunch Republican. While I wasn't, I always stayed as close to the middle as I could. I certainly wasn't close to the Republican party, and I wasn't close to the Democratic party, except for the Truman situation.

Ruth got the signal from me that we ought to be going on home, and she played the role of getting me out. Lowell Thomas said, “Nobody leaves before the Governor leaves,” and obviously it was sort of a faux pas, but it didn't bother Ruth. Dewey said, “Look, you guys are going to New York. Come, stop down at our place and have a nightcap before you go back.”

So, he took Ruth in his car, with the secret service and the state troopers, went barreling over the roads, and I had Frances Dewey in my car. I was driving alone, following them. We got down to their place, and we sat around and talked a while. He probed me about an advertising agency to help him on his campaign, who could help him with the best use of, not television, but radio. So, it was a very close thing. Then he said the next day to “Be

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