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got up, in righteous indignation, and said, “I'll have every pulpit in this land denouncing this as an invasion of the church on Sunday, etc.”


Church and State.


I lost my guy.


Oh, wow. Isn't that amazing? [Interruption]


I think I had mentioned in my remarks to Dirksen that France and Germany (I think it's Germany, maybe it's Italy) do the Sunday thing, because I went over to observe the Sunday thing in France. While I wouldn't say that France is the most religious country in the world, they still have a strong Catholic church, and it works in France. I thought it could be done here. Well, that didn't help me a bit. He just wanted no part of what those foreigners did. So, I stubbed my toe badly. I just hadn't done my homework. But, someday it will happen, because it has to.

But, people have been very generous from time to time -- not now, but in the early days -- on the debates, saying what a wonderful idea it was. If I hadn't done it, believe me, in at least one more presidential campaign, somebody else would have done it. In fact, in '52, NBC wrote an article in which they said they had had the idea, too. But, if they had the idea, I never saw their tracks in Washington, they didn't support it when I proposed it, but they certainly came around and talked about how they had been a party to the invention.

But, that's fair enough, because it was one of those obvious things that you do when you've

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