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and Senator Pastore, particularly. So, we got the Senate side through quickly, but we were right up against the date of the first convention, and we didn't have the legislation even through committee, as far as the House was concerned. There had been committee hearings earlier, so that legitimately they could say they had given vent to the question, but there was no schedule of hearings.

I learned that the way we could advance the thing in the House was to do it by temporary - - not resolution -- Do you know what the word of art is?


No, I don't.


Anyway, it's to move it forward on the agenda, by unanimous consent. It can get on the agenda of the House by the speaker. I don't know whether other people can get it on or not. I expect there is a provision for some committee that has the unanimous position to get an advance on the agenda. Sam Rayburn was a very, very strong leader and Speaker. The question was, how do you get the Speaker to advance the thing? I was talking about it with one of the affiliates out in Phoenix, who said, “Well, Gene Autry is a very close friend of Mr. Sam. He has Mr. Sam at his ranch, etc., and they're very close friends. I'm sure Gene can get anything you want.” So, I said, “Fine. See if he can get the Speaker to see me, in more than just a perfunctory way, so he'll be sympathetic to what I want.” So, within minutes I got word back from Gene Autry, saying, “Mr. Sam will be glad to see you this afternoon at 2:00.” I don't know if that was the hour, but it was something as quick as that. Now my neck was way out, because I hadn't cleared this with the chairman of the committee, who had to shepherd this thing through the House. I didn't want to step on his toes and go over his head, so I hotfooted it down to Oren Harris who was the chairman of

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