Minutes of the Irish Studies Seminar

2005/2006 Academic Year
September 2005 -- Prof. Sunil Agnani, "Edmund Burke on Ireland and India: ‘The Protestant Ascendancy’ and ‘Indianism’ as Global Phenomena."

October 2005 -- Prof. Martin J. Burke, "Daidra from Philadelphia: Thomas Holley Chivers and The Sons of Usna."

November 2005 -- Mid-Atlantic Region ACIS Annual Conference

December 2005 -- Natasha Tessone, "An Irish blunder’: Maria Edgeworth's Ireland."

February 2006 -- Dr. Ken Monteith, "The Poet and the Pythoness: Yeats, Blavatsky, and Theosophy."

March 2006 -- Prof. Marion Casey, "Selling Value: Marketing Irish Products in the United States, 1890-1950."

April 2006 -- Prof. Barbara Suess, "Pearse's 'Scientific' Prose."

May 2006 -- Prof. Mary Burke,  "Off-White Trash: Minority Irish-Americans and nineteenth-century 'feeble-minded hill folk' studies."

2004/2005 Academic Year

September 2004 -- Dr. Feargal Cochrane, "Re-Imagining Ireland: the construction of identity within the Irish diaspora in the 21st Century."

October 2004 -- Prof. John P. Harrington, "The Abbey in America: The Real Thing."

November 2004 -- Prof. Brian Leahy Doyle, "In the Pocket With Larry Kirwan."

December 2004 -- Prof. Paul Muldoon, Poetry Reading.

February 2005 -- Prof. Vincent Carey, "'Barbarous Cruelties and Bloody Massacres': The Outbreak of
the 1641 Rebellion in Ireland and the Question of Identities."

March 2005 -- Prof. James Hunter, "Ireland and its Islands."

April 2005 -- Dr. Elizabeth Gilmartin, “The Anglo-Irish Dialect: Mediating Linguistic Conflict."

May 2005 -- Abby Bender, “A Pisgah Sight of Palestine from Dear Dirty Dublin.”

2003/2004 Academic Year

September 2003 -- Prof. Hasia Diner, "The Accidental Irish."

October 2003 -- Dr. Eileen Reilly, "Political Fiction: The Home Rule Novels."

November 2003 -- Prof. Bill Rolston, "Visions or Nightmares?  Murals and Imagining the Future in Northern Ireland."

December 2003 -- Prof. Patrick Tuite, "Published by Authority and Represented with License: The Figures and
                                                               Narratives that Linked Ireland’s Print Media, Church, and Theatre, 1690-93."

February 2004 -- Prof. Mary McGlynn, "One Man, Two Nations: Garth Brooks and the Rhetoric of Compromise."

March 2004 -- Prof. Joan FitzPatrick Dean, "Theatre Disorder in Twentieth-Century Ireland."

April 2004 -- Jessica Scarlata, "Into the Quagmire: Feminism, Nationalism, Partition."

May 2004 -- Prof. Clare Carroll, "Irish 'Others' as Brothers and Mothers in the Age of Elizabeth."

Minutes pre-2003/2004

May 2003 -- Prof. Maria McGarrity, "Joyce, Walcott, and Imagining Marine Geography."

April 2003 -- Brendan Kane, "Making the Irish European: Tadhg Ó Cianáin’s grand tour of the earls."

March 2003 -- Prof. Karen Overbey, "Holy Ground: Politics, Patronage, and Iconography of St Manchan’s Shrine."

February 2003 -- Prof. Edward Hagan, "Rethinking Standish James O'Grady: Classical Scholarship, Anarchism and Communism in his Later Works."

December 2002 -- Prof. Tom Paulin, "The Influence of Robert Frost on Irish Poetry."

February 2002 -- Cóilín Parsons, "Literary Education and Secularization in Irish School Readers, 1832-1870."