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Student Information Systems makes available all of its training and user guide documentation on the web for download in PDF format. This site is still being developed, so please check here periodically for new training documents as they become available.

If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, it will be necessary to download this program in order to view the documents on this page. A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge at the following website. Download Adobe Acrobat

SIS Desktop Reports Help

SIS Desktop Reports (SDR) is an application which allows authorized Columbia administrators to run reports on SIS data from their own desktops. These reports include class rosters, lists of majors and concentrators, academic progress reports, address labels for various populations, and much more. The application is downloaded from this web site, and no purchase of software is required. See below for documentation on using SIS Desktop Reports .

  • Quick Tips for SIS Desktop Reports: This pamphlet gives quick instructions on getting you up and running with SDRs and the most commonly used features. Sections include: Getting Started, Running Reports, Filter Unwanted Information, Sort Your Results in any Order, Export Results to Excel, and Commonly Used Parameters. To create pamphlet, print the document double sided, tri-fold it, and use as a quick reference at your desk. Download Quick Tips
  • Getting Started with SIS Desktop Reports: Provides detailed instructions on how to download and install the SDR application, run reports, and export your report results to Excel and other formats. Click Here
  • Customize SIS Desktop Report Results: Provides detailed instructions on how to customize (filter and sort) your report results to meet your individual needs. Click Here
  • High-level Design Document: The official form which need to filled up and sent to if none of the existing SDR reports sutisfy your needs. Click Here
InfoMaker Documents

Infomaker is the tool SIS distributes to access the Sybase database university wide. The following files are available:

  • OpenClient and InfoMaker set up: These instructions will explain how to set up the most modern (for summer 2011) set of interface drivers and ad-hoc reporting tools commonly used by schools and departments of Columbia University. Download Instructions for Ad-Hoc Reporting Tools
  • InfoMaker User Guide: The User Guide provided here is the same as is distributed in the infomaker classes taught by SIS staff. It can be used as a learning tool, or simply as a table/ column reference. Download InfoMaker Guide
  • InfoMaker FAQ: This document gives simple instructions for our most commonly asked questions. Download InfoMaker FAQ
CMS Documents

CMS is an operating system on the mainframe used by SIS. When running overnight jobs, FOCUS reports, working in your reader or file lists, or pinting from the mainframe, CMS commands are used. The following training documentation about CMS is available:

  • Introduction to CMS Guide : This document walks through the basics of CMS navigation. Download CMS Guide
General Information about Mainframe SIS

Designed for the new SIS user, this documentation concentrates on getting you started with the basics of using the Mainframe SIS Database to find and update person information.

  • Guide to the SIS Quick List: A document explaining the basics of Mainframe SIS. Logging on and off of the system, basic navigation skills, and information about commonly used SIS screens. PDF format, 37 pages. Click here to open the document.
  • Updating Name, Address and Other Personal Information in Mainframe SIS: Download Guide
Admission Documents

SIS is used to run many business processes required by Admissions Offices. The following training documentation about the Admission Cycle is available:

Financial Aid Documents

SIS is used to run many business processes required by Financial Aid Offices. The following training documentation about the Financial Aid Cycle is available:

Mailing List Help

A mailing list is an automated way to send e-mail to a group of individuals. The mailing list system at Columbia University is maintained by CUIT. If you wish to set up a mailing list for students, applicants, or prospects, SIS can work with CUIT to set up your mailing list and populate it with names and email addresses.

  • CUIT Mailing List Support: CUIT supports Mailman mailing lists for purposes related to schools and departments, recognized student groups, and research interests of faculty. The list owner must be affiliated with Columbia. Click here for more information:

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For help or comments contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (212) 854-2989.

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