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CUIT Administrative ID & Mainframe SIS Access

The Student Information Systems (SIS) database is one application on the CUIT mainframe. To gain access to SIS itself, you must first apply for a CUIT Administrative ID. There are separate ID's and passwords for the CUIT mainframe and the SIS database, but you fill out one application to gain access to both. Please go to our ID Request Form and select View and/or Edit Student Information on the mainframe Student Information System (SIS) to apply for your CUIT/SIS ID's and passwords. Please allow approximately one week for your application to be processed, assuming that your application is filled out completely and that your supervisor is available to provide security approval.

Student Services On-Line (SSOL) Authorization

Security for Student Services On-Line is administered by SIS. For access to SSOL, please visit our ID Request page and select View Student Records Via Web section. If you are a Columbia University employee with a University Network ID (UNI), this authorization should take no more than one week to process. If you do not yet have a UNI, you must wait until your UNI has been created by CUIT before you can access SSOL. For more information about UNI's, visit CUIT's University Network ID page.

SIS Report Server ID

In order to run reports from SIS Desktop Reports or to create your own reports using InfoMaker or a similar reporting tool, you must have a Report Server ID. The SIS Report Server is a database specifically constructed for reporting, which houses a copy of the data in the SIS mainframe database. To apply for a SIS Report Server ID, visit our ID Request page and select Retrieve Student Information in Report Format section. If you are a permanent Columbia University employee with a UNI, your authorization should take no more than one week to process.

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For help or comments contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (212) 854-2989.

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