Introduction to Linear Algebra (S3101D)

Time: Tu and Th 9:00am-12:10pm

Location: 327 Mudd

Instructor: Samar Khatiwala

Office Hours: TBD

TA: Yuan He

Office Hours: TBD

Text: Introduction to Linear Algebra, 3d edition (2003), Gilbert Strang

Course outline: Solving systems of linear equations: Gaussian elimination; existence-uniqueness of solutions. Matrix inverse. Matrix factorizations. Vector spaces, bases, dimension. Determinants. Eigenvalue problems. Diagonalization.


Homework 30%; Midterm 30%; Final 40%

Problem sets:

Note: For those who use the third version of the textbook please download ps* files. If you only have the second version of the book, please download ps* files.

problem set 1:                             ps1_v3.pdf                                            ps1_v2.pdf

problem set 2:                             ps2_v3.pdf                                            ps2_v2.pdf

problem set 3:                             ps3_v3.pdf                                            ps3_v2.pdf

problem set 4:                             ps4_v3.pdf                                            ps4_v2.pdf

problem set 5:                             ps5_v3.pdf                                            ps5_v2.pdf

Samar Khatiwala