Postdoctoral Dental Education

Professional Life-Long Learning Plan

Step 2: Linking Objectives with Learning Activities and Evaluation
Step 4: Evidence of accomplishment

Step 3: Self-Evaluation Methods and Reflection Exercises

Deciding on Self-evaluation/reflection Methods

A variety of activities can be used to facilitate reflection. Reflection activities can involve writing, speaking, doing, and using multimedia. In residency training residents' could be required to keep journals, answer reflection questions, use it as part of a case study, or integrate it in the chart review process.

There are many activities through which you can reflect on their service you are provided to your patients.

Writing Speaking Doing Multimedia
Journals Oral report to class Role paying Slide show
Writing responses to readings, journals Group discussions Teaching others Web page document
Writing responses to reflection questions      
Participating in a web discussion     Video

For this module we would advice you to one or a combination of the writing Self-evaluation/reflection methods: journals, answering reflection questions, and participating in web discussion. Use the journal as a time to meditate on what you've seen, felt, and experienced, and which aspects of the volunteer experience continues to excite, trouble, impress, or unnerve you. When answering to reflection questions or participating in web discussion don't simply answer the questions listed, but use the questions to guide your though process. Use the questions to keep your writing focused.