The primary Urdu text source

As the primary text source, I use kulliyaat-e miir , jild-e avval , mukammal chhih diivaan-e ;Gazaliyaat , ed. by :zill-e ((abbaas ((abbaasii , corrected and augmented by a;hmad ma;hfuu:z under the supervision of S. R. Faruqi (New Delhi: qaumii kaunsil baraa-e furo;G-e urduu , 2013). The first edition was 1983 [on the rekhta.org site], the second was 2003, and the third was 2013.

IF YOU KNOW URDU AND ARE AT ALL SERIOUS ABOUT MIR, you'll want to buy this gold-standard edition of vol. 1 (which contains all the ghazals) of the Kulliyat before it goes out of print. I suggest emailing <custserv@dkagencies.com> and ordering it. In my own commentary I refer to this 2013 edition as 'the kulliyat'.

Let's be grateful that Ahmad Mahfuz and SRF have had the good sense not to inflict on us their own choice of short-vowel marks or izafats (not to speak of the horrible vexation of English-style punctuation!). Such interpolations are annoying in themselves, and also frequently deceive naive readers into thinking that they were actually provided by the poet. Thus Mahfuz/Faruqi kulliyat editions are not only excellently accurate, but are also as ambiguous as Mir wanted them to be. If only the editors of Ghalib had had the same fine judgment!


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Main text source: [see above]

Commentarial source: Faruqi, Shamsur Rahman. shams ul-ra;hmaan faaruuqii -- Tumultuous Poetry: A Selection and Detailed Examination of the Ghazals of Mir / shi((r-e shor-angez ; ;Gazaliyaat-e miir kaa inti;xaab aur mufa.s.sal mu:taali((ah -- New Delhi: qaumii kaunsil baraa-e furo;G-e urduu , third edition, with additions and corrections, 2006 (vol. 1); 2007 (vol. 2); 2008 (vol. 3); 2008 (vol. 4). Second edition: New Delhi: Taraqqi Urdu Bureau, 1997 (vol. 1); 1997 [1992] (vol. 2); 1997 [1992] (vol. 3); 1997 [1994] (vol. 4). First edition: 1990. NOTE: The volumes of the *second edition* are now available on rekhta.org: *volume 1*; *volume 2*; *volume 3*; *volume 4*. (The third edition contains some new material that is not found in the second edition.)

In my own commentary I refer to this work (using of course the THIRD, most recent, 2006, edition) as 'SSA'. Since SSA doesn't follow divan order but goes letter by letter, and since it uses only its own internal numbering system, serious readers will want to consult *this concordance*.

Internal references to the introductions to SSA (3rd edition):
=Introduction to volume 1: {14,7}; {255,2}; {354,4}; {380,2}; {389,7}; {423,11}; {595,8}; {930,1}; {949,1}; {1040,4}; {1047,10}; {1080,5}; {1176,2}; {1176,5}; {1176,9}; {1213,1}; {1256,5}; {1256,6}; {1658,1}; {1719,3}
=Introduction to volume 2: {1112,9}
=Introduction to volume 3: {1039,1}
=Introduction to volume 4: {1740,1}

Because of the importance of S. R. Faruqi's work for this website, his own advice about resources is of great interest. He names (SSA 1:15-16) as his three favorite anthologies [inti;xaab]: that of Asar Lakhnavi [a;sar lakhnavii], called The Relish of Mir [mazah-e miir]; that of Muhammad Hasan Askari [mu;hammad ;hasan ((askarii], which was published in a special number of the journal saaqii ; and above all that of Sardar Jafari [sardaar ja((farii].

Most fundamentally, here is his own list of the sources he used for his own commentary (SSA 1:20-21):

1) The Fort William edition [nus;xah-e for;T vilyam] (Calcutta 1811). 'This edition was presented to me by my dear friend Nisar Ahmad Faruqi. At the expense of his own work, he let the edition remain with me for a long period. I am grateful to him.'

2) The Naval Kishor edition [nus;xah-e naval kishor] (Lucknow 1867): on the rekhta.org site (2nd ed, 1874). 'This edition was obtained from Naiyar Masud. To thank him is both necessary and, for certain reasons, also unnecessary.'

3) The Asi edition [nus;xah-e aasii] (Naval Kishor, Lucknow, 1941): on the rekhta.org site. 'This almost unobtainable edition was graciously given to me by my dear friend, the late Athar Parvez. God will reward him for it.'

4) The Complete Ghazals [kulliyaat-e ;Gazaliyaat], edited by Zill-e Abbas Abbasi [.zill-e ((abbaas ((abbaasii] (Ilmi Majlis, Delhi, 1967). 'This one I have adopted as the basic text, because it has been edited in the light of the Fort William edition.'

5) The Complete Works [kulliyaat], volume 1 edited by Ihtisham Husain [i;htishaam ;husain], volume 2 edited by Masih uz-Zaman [masii;h ul-zamaa;N] (Ram Narayan Lal, Allahabad, 1970).

6) The Complete Works [kulliyaat], volumes 1, 2, and 3 (only four divans), edited by Kalb-e Ali Khan Fa'iq [kalb-e ((alii ;xaa;N faa))iq] (Majlis Taraqqi-e Adab, Lahore, 1965). 'The rest of the volumes, which remained incomplete, were not published.'

7) The First Divan [diivaan-e avval], from the Mahmudabad manuscript [ma;x:tuu:tah-e ma;hmuudaabaad], edited by Akbar Haidari [akbar ;haidarii] (Srinagar, 1971): on the rekhta.org site (1973).

8) A manuscript of the First Divan, in the possession of Naiyar Masud. 'The date is not give, but it's possible that this manuscript might be even older than the Mahmudabad one. A number of difficulties in the First Divan were solved by means of it.'

SSA's inclusion of ghazal verses from poems in other genres: {236x,1}; {1807x,1}; {1853x,1}.

= = = = = = = = = = =

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Faruqi, S. R. -- *his main English works* and *his main Urdu works*.

= = = = = = = = = = =

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