Some PhD Theses

Mauro Escobar, "Security and Statistics on Power Grids" (2019).     (pdf).
Gonzalo Munoz, "Integer programming techniques for Polynomial Optimization" (2017).     (pdf).
Sean Harnett, "Optimization Methods for Power Grid Reliability" (2016).     (pdf).
Alexander Michalka, "Cutting Planes for Convex Objective Nonconvex Optimization" (2013).     (pdf).
Cecilia Zenteno, "Models for managing surge capacity in the face of an influenza epidemic" (2012).     (pdf).
Abhinav Verma, "Power grid security analysis: an optimization approach" (2009).     (pdf).
Nuri Özbay, "Solving robust inventory problems" (2006).     (pdf).
Mark Zuckerberg, "A Set Theoretic Approch to Lifting Procedures for 0,1 Integer Programming " (2004).     (pdf).
Anton Riabov, "Efficient Information Dissemination Systems " (2004).     (pdf).
Olga Raskina, "Two Large-Scale Network Design Problems " (2003).     (pdf).
Oktay Günlük, "Computational Problems in Telecommunication Networks " (1995).     (pdf).