Miklos Gyulassy's Columbia University Home Page

My Curriculum Vitae

2015 APS T.W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics shared with Howard Wieman

2015 Hungarian Government Order of Merit Officer's Cross

2015 Appointed Bian Peng Visiting Professor at CCNU, Wuhan, China

I was a Professor of Physics between 1992-2015 at Pupin Lab of Columbia University (see Map)

and since 12/31/15 I am a retired Professor Emeritus of Physics of Columbia Uni NY

and affiliated with LBNL/NSD Berkeley CA, and CCNU/CNMS Wuhan CN , and the MTA Wigner Research Center Budapest HU

where I continue my research with distinguished collaborators.

  • My research focus is on perturbative QCD Tomography and AdS Holographic modeling of jet probes of strongly interacting Quark Gluon Plasmas produced in high energy nuclear collisions at RHIC/BNL and LHC/CERN laboratories.
  • The LHC/CERN experiments on high energy nuclear physics
  • started in 2010 using Pb+Pb 2.76 ATeV produce mini-Bangs with about two times higher density than measured at RHIC/BNL with Au+Au 0.20 ATeV collisions. The sQGP form of matter discovered at RHIC, is heated at LHC to the highest temperature, T ~ 5 trillion deg Kelvin, ever studied experimentally in the laboratory on earth. These are extreme conditions that occur in the first few millionth seconds after the Big Bang. At RHIC/BNL the physics of QGP formation, dynamics and hadronization is studied near to the critical quark and gluon deconfinement temperature about Tc~200 million electron volts where even nuclei melt into a "Perfect Fluid" of nearly free primordial quarks and gluons. My research today is directed toward trying to understand the chromo-color structure of those fluids possibly involving emergent chromo magnetic monopole degrees of freedom near Tc. (see my CCNU and QM18 lectures below)


    The Columbia University Nuclear Theory group work was supported by the US Office of Science, DOE Nuclear Physics