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G4044x - Advanced Topics in Cell Biology - NEW COURSE!

Prerequisites: Enrollment in the graduate program in Biological Sciences or permission of the instructor. Generally students with a solid background in biology (four or more courses) are accepted.

Bulletin Description: Advanced Topics in Cell Biology is a graduate course, primarily enrolling Ph.D. students, but also enrolling advanced M.A. students and undergraduates with consent of one of the instructors. This year’s offering will concentrate on the basic cell biology of signal transduction and its readouts within the cytoskeleton and its activities inside the cell. Students will read the literature and give presentations. Topics include the pathways by which cells respond to extracellular signals such as growth factors and cell-cell contact, and the mechanisms by which extracellular signals are translated into alterations in the cell cycle, morphology, differentiation state, and motility of the responding cells.

Number of Credits: 3
Semester: fall  2008

Course Sections

Section Number: 001
Location: 800 Fairchild
Days of the Week: Thursday
Start Time: 4:10 pm
End Time: 6:00 pm
Course Website:
Instructor: Chloë Bulinski, Ron Prywes