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G6002x - Graduate Core Course II - Eukaryotic Gene Expression & Protein Thermodynamics - NEW FORMAT!

Section 001 - Eukaryotic Gene Expression taught by Dr. James Manley
COURSE DATES 9/3-10/17

Section 002 - Protein Thermodynamics taught by Dr. John Hunt
This course presents a rigorous introduction to solution thermodynamics and applies it to understanding the structural and functional features of proteins. After exploring the conceptual origins of thermodynamic theory, the standard equations describing solution equilibria are derived and applied to analyzing biochemical reactions, with a focus on those involved in protein folding and allosteric communication. The semester culminates with exploration of the energetic factors controlling the formation of protein secondary structures and the role of entropy-enthalpy compensation in determining the complex temperature-dependent thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions. The course emphasizes both qualitative understanding of the thermodynamic forces controlling the evolution and function of living organisms as well as practical application of thermodynamic methods and structural insight in laboratory research. Tutorials cover the use of curve-fitting techniques to analyze biochemical equilibria as well as the use of molecular visualization software to understand protein structure and function.

Number of Credits: 2.0 per half semester
Semester: fall  2008

Course Sections

Not open to Undergraduates
Section Number: 001
Section Title: Eukaryotic Gene Expression
Location: 800 Fairchild
Days of the Week: Monday & Wednesday
Start Time: 9:30 am
End Time: 10:45 am
Course Website:
Instructor: James Manley
Not open to Undergraduates

Open to Undergraduates
Section Number: 002
Section Title: Protein Thermodynamics
Location: 800 Fairchild
Days of the Week: Monday & Wednesday
Start Time: 10:35 am
End Time: 11:50 am
Course Website:
Instructor: John Hunt
Open to Undergraduates