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W3995y(3) - Topics in Biology: History of Endocrinology - New!

  • This course will approach endocrinology from a historical perspective, reviewing the laboratory experiments and studies of disease that led to our current understanding of how hormones regulate physiological systems.

    You'll read original research articles, learn about the lives and times of individual scientists, and discuss the social factors that influence the way science is done.

    You'll be expected to already know the hormones that were covered in the introductory biology course (BIOL C2006). We'll review this, and go into more detail on some topics that were not covered, including the hormones involved in sexual differentiation and calcium homeostasis.

    PREREQUISITE: BIOL C2006 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology II or the equivalent.

    For further information, contact the instructor, Dr. Judith Gibber, at

Number of Credits: 1
Semester: spring  2006

Course Sections

Section Number: 003
Location: 222 Pupin
Days of the Week: Monday
Start Time: 1:10 pm
End Time: 2:00 pm
Course Website: