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W3995y(2) - Topics in Biology: Foundations of Molecular Biology - no longer offered beyond Spring 2010

Instructor: Elliot L. Hertzberg

Prerequisites: A college-level course in Introductory Biology or permission of instructor.

65 years have passed between the ground-breaking paper of Watson and Crick describing the structure of DNA and, with the sequencing of the human genome, current efforts to personalize Molecular Medicine. Students in this course will read and discuss selected key papers to develop a better appreciation of how the field of Molecular Biology emerged. Analysis of these papers will enable both science and non-science majors to enhance their understanding of the field and the logic behind hypothesis-driven research. Most of the papers to be discussed will be from the 1950s and early 1960s -- the "Golden Age" of Molecular Biology.

Number of Credits: 1
Semester: spring  2010

Course Sections

Section Number: 002
Location: 1000 Fairchild
Days of the Week: Thursday
Start Time: 1:10 pm
End Time: 2:25 pm
Course Website: