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W4400x - Computational Genomics

This course will meet as a seminar once weekly and will give a “hands on” introduction to genomics research. I will introduce the computational tools and statistical concepts needed to analyze and interpret next generation sequencing data (primarily RNA-seq). The course will cover machine-learning approaches to model and mine biological data. The course will survey current topics in systems biology including gene expression, transcriptional regulation, epigenomics, ribosome profiling, enhancer localization, and genome conformation. The course will include a reading of primary literature and a genomics research project.

Prerequisites: Permission needed from instructor.

Number of Credits: 4
Semester: fall  2013

Course Sections

Section Number: 001
Section Title: W4400- Computational Genomics
Location: 644 Mudd
Days of the Week: Monday
Start Time: 4:30 pm
End Time: 6:50 pm
Course Website:
Instructor: Dana Pe'er