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This would deserve further exploration than I can give on the basis of my experience. But, I'll bet you if you went back to Harry Plotkin and the people who did this table of allocations, they would have a rationale for what happened in Corpus Christi as against what happened in Austin, partly because of the stuff that was coming in from the outside. You know. New Jersey has complained -- The whole state had only one V at one time. I don't know whether it has any now or not. That's how Channel 13 was assigned to New Jersey, and that's why Channel 13 always has to identify itself as Newark on the screen, because that allocation went to Newark. Well, the difference between putting a tower in Newark and putting a tower in New York, with the efficiency now of high power, is st and sf. But, if you were a citizen of New Jersey, you didn't have your own station, except for Thirteen, and that was sold to Educational Broadcasting. I later went back to Hartford with my hat in my hand and talked Travelers Insurance Company to dropping their NBC affiliation, which was the only station, the only V in Hartford, and putting it on CBS. I did the same thing in Milwaukee. So, while we lost several years of top coverage in those markets, when we were trying to make UHF work, we recaptured our position by affiliating with the single V that was there. No, if you had a single V market, it was like shooting fish in the barrel. You could get all the business you could possibly handle. Those days are now gone, because of UHF and because of cable. I guess this was '54 but I'm not sure, I'm guessing. The morning after the election in '54 (or, I should say “elections,” because it was a plural, it wasn't a Presidential year) I believe the Democrats recaptured the Senate. Lyndon Johnson called me and said: “My friend, I'm going to buy some television stations and I need some help on which ones I should buy, which markets. I want you to come down, sit down with Bird [Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson] and me and tell us what we should do.” I said: “Well, why today?,” knowing full well what had happened. He said: “Well, you people in New York, you don't know what happened yesterday,” etc. Of course, the Senate had gone Democratic,

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